Designing the Future: How a Mobile App Predicted the Future

In our marketing materials, we proudly use the phrase “we shape the future”, and I could provide a dozen examples of projects I’ve been involved in that exemplify this statement. However, today I want to share a case that resonates with all of you, as it involves innovation and two globally renowned companies.

A recent feature launched by Apple, the icollision detection and emergency call functionality present in their latest flagship, the iPhone 14 Pro, is not a standalone idea but has its roots in an exciting experience I had while collaborating with a major player in the automotive industry, the Mercedes-Benz.

Innovation and the Collision Detection Feature:

Apple, renowned for its relentless innovation in products and services, recently launched the iPhone 14 Pro, a device that sets a new standard in the smartphone industry. One of the impressive features is collision detection, utilizing a combination of advanced sensors to monitor the user’s surroundings and identify potentially hazardous situations, such as car accidents. With this precise detection, the device can take safety measures, like automatically triggering an emergency call, potentially saving lives in critical moments.

My Experience with Mercedes-Benz:

In 2016, the automotive giant, Mercedes-Benz, envisioned enhancing the safety of its customers by integrating advanced technology into their vehicles and mobile apps. I was hired to lead a team of UX/UI designers in creating an innovative functionality for Mercedes-Benz’s mobile app. This functionality aimed to detect collisions and, in emergencies, automatically initiate an immediate call to emergency services.

As part of our methodology, the creation process began with thorough research on traffic accidents and driver usage patterns. Based on this information, we devised a human-centric user journey, focusing on making the feature discreet and easily accessible in critical moments. We tested iterative prototypes with real users and received invaluable feedback, allowing us to refine and improve the functionality.

The Impact of UX/UI Design:

Mercedes-Benz’s collision detection feature stood out as a truly futuristic solution at the time, thanks to its thoughtful approach to UX/UI design. The seamless integration of technology with the user experience made the feature intuitive and user-friendly, instilling confidence in drivers who relied on this advanced safety technology.


Over time, Mercedes-Benz’s functionality became increasingly relevant and attracted the attention of other companies and industries, including Apple itself. Collision detection feature in the iPhone 14 Pro is a testament to the positive impact that user-centric design can have on developing innovative solutions.

The Accolades and Recognition: A Mobile-App Design Ahead of Its Time

In addition to its exceptional functionality and future-predicting capabilities, the design of the mobile app for Mercedes-Benz garnered widespread recognition and accolades. The innovative features and user-centric approach not only impressed users but also caught the attention of industry experts and design enthusiasts.

This work received numerous prestigious awards and became the centerpiece of several speaking engagements I participated in. Most notably, the mobile app design earned the esteemed TOP 5 Best App Background Design recognition by the renowned portal DesignRush.

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This acknowledgment served as a testament to the app’s outstanding aesthetics and seamless integration of cutting-edge technology.

The widespread recognition and awards received for Mercedes-Benz’s mobile-app design highlighted the profound impact that user-centered design can have, not only on individual experiences but also on the broader landscape of technology and user interaction.

It was a wonderful experience to witness how a collaborative effort to shape the future could be so warmly embraced by the world and contribute to enhancing the safety and lives of countless individuals.

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