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We actively participated in Sphere’s journey from the beginning, assisting in the evolution of their application which initially struggled to retain users. The greatest challenge was to develop a training platform that catered to the needs of both teachers and students with distinct interfaces, requiring simultaneous evolution and improvement of both sides. Additionally, we redefined the brand’s identity, applying the new branding across all platforms, including the creation of a new website.

By working in close partnership with the founders, we significantly improved the app’s usability and user interface, resulting in a consistent platform with higher conversion rates. As a result, we achieved Sphere’s primary goal of being approved by Y Combinator, where they successfully remained for many years.
Client Needs
Seeking funds / Enhance user experience and
increase user retention
Client Had
App looks great but
low conversion
A6 Digital Product Methodology
A6 Branding / A6 Audit / UX Design / UI Design


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“ATOM6 has helped Sphere rapidly create a professionally recognizable brand and product. Their team has assisted on all elements of design, including marketing assets, company branding and product UX + UI. They are extremely motivated to help their customers deliver high quality solutions on schedule. I can not recommend them enough.”
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Adrian Sarstedt - Co-Founder & CTO at Sphere
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