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Live timeless & Atom6 Studio 

Atom6 proudly partnered with Live Timeless, the habit-tracking app committed to turning aspirations into ingrained habits. This collaboration was more than a design transformation; it was a strategic alliance where Atom6 actively engaged in discovery sessions and provided invaluable insights to shape Live Timeless' business model.

Guided by Atom6's expertise, Live Timeless underwent a significant evolution, resulting in a visually stunning and user-friendly interface tailored for personal development enthusiasts. This partnership signifies more than just a design upgrade; it's a commitment to delivering a seamless, effective, and visually captivating solution for personal growth and habit formation.

Together, Live Timeless and Atom6 stand dedicated to inspiring and empowering users to effortlessly create, monitor, and share habits within customizable teams.
Client Needs
  • Full Design
  • Development Services
  • App Launch
Client Had
  • Idea
  • Visual concept
A6 Digital Product Methodology
  • A6 Branding
  • A6 Discovery
  • A6 Complete Creation
  • A6 Website

A6 Design Process

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Dark Mode: Your concentration ally, perfect for serene and focused environments.
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