Hole-in-One Designs: Driving Visual Impact towards Conversion in the Golf Arena

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Transforming the Golf World with Flat-tee's Innovative Rebranding

Flat-tee marks the second chapter of a fruitful partnership between Atom6 and Dean Clark. We've previously collaborated on projects for his company, Harmonize (https://harmonize.io/).

Specializing in the production of an innovative and patented base for golf balls, Flat-tee operates globally, with a strong presence in indoor golf as well. Faced with the need for a brand and website redesign, they aimed to refresh their image, highlighting the innovation of the new base without losing the inherent glamour of the sport.

One of the key pillars for the success of this project was a commitment to the schedule. This approach allowed Atom6 and Flat-tee not only to meet but surpass expectations, effectively communicating all essential elements through the new website.
Client Needs
  • Rebranding
  • Website Development
Client Had
  • Outdate Brand
A6 Digital Product Methodology
  • A6 Branding
  • A6 Website

A6 Design Process

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Green also awakens the feeling of responsibility, harmony, renewal and growth. With this color, you can show that the brand really takes its audience seriously and is committed to fulfilling the proposals it is communicating.
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Grey, too, carries its own unique associations and emotions. This color embodies a sense of neutrality, balance, and timelessness.
When a brand incorporates grey into its identity, it conveys a commitment to reliability and a no-nonsense approach.
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Hole-in-One Designs: Driving Visual Impact towards Conversion in the Golf Arena
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