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Facts is more than just a game: it's an interactive encyclopedia. The original idea for the project arose from the need to impart knowledge. Thus, the proposal to create an educational game emerged, transforming encyclopedia content into a game format.

Gamification is the main feature used in this project, as it is believed that, in a playful and engaging way, information absorption becomes significantly more effective. It's about immersion - and this is one of the project's main differentiators.

This idea was visually presented through prototypes, which were carefully developed and refined over time by ATOM6. The project was planned and developed in Figma and we needed not just a revolutionary idea, but one that could also be easily understood and visualized by potential investors.
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“Atom6 was incredibly fast and responsive. They are always present to meet your needs. We also have a Slack workspace with them which makes communication seamless. They have smart and hardworking people.”

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