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We entered into a collaboration with Allfly to enhance their website, branding, and overall product offering. Allfly's critical requirement was for a concise and well-organized representation across various brand touchpoints; this constituted our major challenge and an invigorating one at that. As Allfly specializes in booking tickets for corporate events, maintaining consistency is pivotal in this market sector. Any site malfunctions or inconsistencies in presentation could give users the impression of an unreliable product. Utilizing our dedicated team's understanding and documentation of design and product standards, we at Atom6 have been able to provide continual enhancements. This fruitful partnership has now lasted for almost a year.
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Client Needs
Branding / Marketing material / UI
Client Had
Outdated Brand / 
App looked great but low conversion
A6 Digital Product Methodology
A6 Audit / A6 Sky Rocket / UX Design / UI Design



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Funding Raised

“Atom6 was incredibly fast and responsive. They are always present to meet your needs. We also have a Slack workspace with them which makes communication seamless. They have smart and hardworking people.”
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Kenny Totten COO at Allfly
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